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Rich in Native American history, Staten Island is the southernmost borough of New York City. The Paleo-Indians known as Clovis are known to have been on the island as long as 14,000 years ago. There is evidence of full settlements more than 5,000 years old.

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Staten Island NYC

What is the waterway parallel to Richmond Terrace Staten Island?

The waterway that Richmond Terrace runs parallel to is called Kill Van Kull. Kill Van Kull separates Staten Island from Bayonne, New Jersey, and is transversed by the Bayonne Bridge.

The other waterway that separates New Jersey from Staten Island (somewhat perpendicular to Kill Van Kull) is called Arthur Kill.

Staten Island NYC

How fast does Staten Island Ferry travel?

about 15 miles an hour

Staten Island NYC

Are there sharks on Staten Island?

There are sharks in the Staten Island Zoo! Other than that, there aren't really sharks swimming in the beaches of Staten Island. The closest it ever came to that was probably the shark attacks on the Jersey Shore in 1916.

Staten Island NYC

What are fun things to do in Staten Island New York?

nothing it stinkss out here

Staten Island NYC

What was the address of Saint Adalbert's Church in Staten Island New York in 1910?

john street

Staten Island NYC

How far is Montreal Canada from Staten Island NY?

(I did this without any specific address so this is a rough estimate.)

From Staten Island, NY to Montreal, QC is roughly 7 hours and 15 minutes driving and about 560.244 km/348.12 mi. This is from MapQuest so, once again, i dont entirely know the validity of these estimates.

Alyssa Milano
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Where in Staten Island did Alyssa Milano live?

Alyssa Milano was born in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, and grew up in Great Kills, Staten Island. Her family moved to Hollywood when she got her role in Who's the Boss.

John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK)
Staten Island NYC

What is the best MTA commute Staten Island to John F. Kennedy Airport?

The best route I have found is this: Take the bus to St. George; Staten Island Ferry to Manhattan; walk 3 blocks North to Bowling Green Station; board the 4 or 5 train 2 stops uptown to Fulton St; transfer to A train to Howard Beach; Then to the Air Train in to the Terminals. Plan about 2 hours from St. Geoge to JFK.

Staten Island NYC
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Is Staten Island bigger than Manhattan?

Manhattan is 22 square miles. State Island is 58.8 square miles. so Yes it is bigger

Staten Island NYC

What do you call someone from Staten Island?

Nothing polite.

Staten Island NYC

Average rent in Staten Island?

it starts from about $950 to fairly $1,800

Staten Island NYC

How much does the Staten Island ferry cost?

The fare used to be 50 cents, but the ferry has been free since 1997.

Staten Island NYC

Who built first distillery on Staten Island?

The Dutch built the first distillery in Staten Island in 1664 in order to make rum.

Staten Island NYC

How old is Staten Island Chuck?

Staten Island Chuck has been making Groundhog Day predictions since 1981. Since the average life expectancy of a groundhog is around 6 years, there have probably been several groundhogs performing the role of Staten Island Chuck over the years. However, the age of the current Staten Island Chuck seems to be a closely guarded secret.

Staten Island NYC

How do you get to 26 Federal Plaza from Staten Island?

The address 26 Federal Plaza is at the southeast corner of Worth Street and Broadway.

Take the ferry to the South Ferry-Whitehall Terminal. Entrance to the South Ferry-Whitehall Street subway station is included inside the ferry terminal complex. This is actually two connected stations: the South Ferry station on the 1 train (of the 1-2-3, the red line) and the Whitehall Street station on the R train (of the N-R-Q, the yellow line).

Take the Uptown R train, 3 stops, from Whitehall Street to City Hall (on Broadway, between Murray and Warren Streets). Walk north on Broadway (in the opposite direction of traffic) to Worth Street.

Staten Island NYC

Where is Councilman Vincent Ignizio of Staten Island office?

3944 Richmond Avenue Staten Island, NY 10312

Staten Island NYC

What year did the borough of Richmond become Staten Island?

In 1975, the name of the New York City borough occupying Richmond County was officially changed to Staten Island.

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What is the ZIP code for Staten Island?

103xy: xy = 01-14















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How much is the toll on out- bridge Staten Island?

I just paid $13 for a car

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Is Brooklyn bigger than Staten Island?

No, Staten Island is larger than Brooklyn. Staten Island has a total area of 102.5 square miles (265.5 square kilometers) while Brooklyn has a total area of 96.9 square miles (251 square kilometers).

Staten Island is 102.5 square miles in total, of which 58.5 square miles (151.5 square kilometers) is land, and 44.0 square miles (114 square kilometers) is water.

Brooklyn is 96.9 square miles in total, of which 70.6 square miles (182.9 square kilometers) is land, and 26.3 square miles (68.1 square kilometers) is water.

So, although Staten Island has a larger total area, Brooklyn has more land mass than Staten Island. So, some websites (such as the Wikipedia entry for New York City) list Brooklyn as the second-largest borough and Staten Island as the third-largest.

But by total area Staten Island is larger.

Staten Island NYC

How far is Staten Island NY to Bayonne NJ?

The shortest distance between Staten Island and Bayonne is approximately 1,222 feet (372.5 meters), which is the width of the narrowest point of the waterway called Kill Van Kull, which separates them.

Staten Island NYC

How many square miles is Staten Island new york?

Staten Island, New York's area is 102.5 square miles.
Staten Island NYC

How far is Boston from Staten Island?

About 230 miles.

Staten Island NYC

Staten Island is linked by bridge to which other borough?


Staten Island NYC

Distance between Staten Island ny and lorton Virginia?


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