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Video games are a type of interactive entertainment software. They are designed to run on a computers, phones, tablets, and gaming consoles. They come in many forms. Some are cartridges, while others may be discs or apps. There are several genres of video games. Some are educational, and some are purely guilty pleasures. A few types of video game are role playing (RPG), shooter, sim, and puzzle.

Asked in Video Games, Assassins Creed 2

How do you unlock black costume in assassins creed 2?

There were two black robe sets in ACII - Ezio's standard robes could be dyed wetland ebony, and the Armour of Altair were black by default. -You could dye Ezio's robes Wetland Ebony at one of the tailors in Forli -Altair's robes could only be unlocked after all 6 assassin seals were acquired and placed in the crypt beneath the Villa Auditore ...
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How do you get money fast on AVA?

lemme help you out. you do survival and collect only 3 boxes and i am giving free ava account username wasdwasd2011 password wasdwasd it is in Chinese edition ...
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Where is wenda in Horse play in troy?

She is on the left hand side underneath a blue soldier asleep on a shield with 4 stars on it to the right of the boat with an eye on it. ...
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How do you jump off a bridge in Stick RPG 2?

go to the edge of the place and press qwe
Asked in Fighting Games, Video Games

How do you get vouchers on dd tank?

You can earn Vouchers by beating Quests and Sports
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Is there a blue level on cube field?

Asked in Video Games

How do you get heart antennae on Free Realms?

By fighting the heart breakers in merry vale.
Asked in War and Military History, Video Games

How do you get honor points in global war?

Try to keep the civilian deaths to a minimum would be a good start. Though the human race is not a endangered species so it would not hurt to cull the population in poor areas to give the rest a fair chance. ...
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How do you cheat level in freelancer?

The entire game runs from a huge list of INI files, but they are compressed. You can get a program called BINI to decompress them and then edit anything with Notepad. Be careful what you change or you can corrupt the game. Otherwise, find the Freelancer.ini file in My Documents\My Games\Freelancer and locate the line that says DifficultyScale = 1.0. Change the number to 0.0 so that no weapons (and most planets and suns) can harm you. Change the number above 1.0...
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Where can you download NBA live 2003 full version free?

you cant that's steeling you can get a demo for free but not the entire thing ...
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Why you cant see the cursor in civilization 5?

I had the same problem, for me I simply right clicked on the desktop and went to preferences. under mouse settings turn "mouse trailing" OFF. problem should be fixed ...
Asked in Video Games, Horse Isle

How do you get to hat isle on horse isle?

Go to skull isle via the bridges. the password is landlubber. got to the top of the isle, at the top of the skull and go to a pirate ship. it costs one pearl. ...
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How do you get penguins on world of zoo PC?

I looked around the internet and some say to download it and some say don't buy half version of game on PC. On the Nintendo Wii it has all animals. ...
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How do you download gta latur?

Heyy Just Mail to owner at it really works & He'll Give you proper Link ...
Asked in Video Games, Minecraft

Are there cheats to be a creeper in Minecraft?

You can use mods like the morph mod which work a lot better than using commands to become a creeper. But if you want to know how to do this without mods here’s how: 1. In chat you need to type in /give @s command_block 2. Place two command blocks and set both to repeating command blocks that don’t require redstone. 3. In the first command block type in /tp @e[type=creeper] @p 4. In the...
Asked in Video Games

Does combat arms work with laptops?

Yes, as long as your laptop can handle medium shooter games, it should be able to handle combat arms. Some laptops are built specifically for gaming and those are recommended, while others are not and you might have some trouble. Check the specs on your laptop against the specs on the Combat Arms website. ...
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Is it cheaper to pre order or buy games?

Games are preordered at full retail price, but may include bonuses. After a game's release you may find the game discounted and the longer after the release the more likely t will be cheaper than paying full retail. As an example MW3 is being sold for preorder for full retail price and some small bonus items, but it will likely be available for 25% or more of a discount before the end of November 2011 for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday holiday sales....
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Why do illegal Mexican can't play uno?

Because the instructions of the game are in english, not spanish. they steal all the green cards ...
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How do you get married on Ourworld?

You trade hearts with the person you like.. and then, I guess, just have a wedding at your condo? There's no specific wedding ceremony or anything that ourWorld sets up. You have to do it yourself if you want to. ...
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When does the new map pack for l4d2 come out?

we don't really know. It was hinted that this week, the week of April 19-April 23 2010 it will be released. ...
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How can you transform into a fish on Free Realms?

yes, it is usually fish food or something at parties. yea right that no anser i herd you got to click on the bouncing fish bait bucket and i dont now were it is i look throu all the party stuff and no fish food or anything that turn you in to a fish an if you now pls emailme at ...
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Can you block out bad words in video games?

It's possible in some games through an in-game menu, if the option to do so cannot be found your out of luck ...
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Can you gift something you own in combat arms?

no you have to go to the store click on the item you want to gift and click gift not buy ...