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16 yrs old (with parental consent)

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Q: How old do you have to be to play Airsoft in Virginia?
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How old do you half to be to play airsoft at cousin paintball?

over 10

How do you have to be to play airsoft?

If you meant to ask how old you have to be, there is no legal age limit, you can play at any age.

How old do you have to be to play airsoft in Australia?

you have to be at least 12. But in order to by one you have to be at least 18

Are airsoft guns legal in Virginia?

Yes, they are.

What are some places to have airsoft wars in Virginia?

I frequent the only real airsoft fields in Virginia. The three most known places are Xzone, Splatbros., and Ballahack Airsoft. there was also a CQB arena called TRU, but it recently closed. Ballahack is one of the best fields I have ever been to. If you are looking to have a match by yourselves then you are best off trying to play somewhere in the woods.

Which is fun to play airsoft or paintball?

airsoft is more fun played both airsoft is more realistic

Is there a airsoft community for kids?

well im 13 and i can only get in to a couple airsoft fields with out my parents but it really depends on the field you go to. but mot of them if you are 8-15 years old you need to have a parent/gardian on the field at all times but ussaully if you are below 8 you can not play airsoft (on a field) but if you wanna play backyard airsoft that's fine but check your towns laws first.

Is airsoft illegal in brookfield?

You can only play airsoft on your property or with the owners permission.

Are airsoft guns legal in West Virginia?

Yes, i'm 14 and i own 4 airsoft guns.. As long as its on your property and not like in a city

Can you play airsoft if you are 10?


Can you play airsoft if your 11?


Do you play airsoft at Nashville airsoft?

No, I do not. Thanks for the question though. Honestly, what were you expecting with a question like that..