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to his family

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Q: Where will all bill gates money go when he dies?
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Does all of Bill gates money touch the moon?


If Bill Gates away all his money would he cure third world poverty?

No, unfortunatelly no. Even Bill Gates has not enough money for that. However he found The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that is to deal with powerty in the 3rd world.

How many millionaires have more money than Bill Gates?

They are not very many millionaires that have more money than Bill Gates. Currently, there are only 5 other people in the world that have more money that Bill Gates.

Why isn't bill gates giving his kids any of his money?

he will not leave them any money. he wants them to work for what they want just like he did. of course he will leave and inheritance for his grand kids and his posessions will go to his kids but all his money will be donated or spent before he dies

Does bill gates donate any of his money to charities?

Yes, Bill Gates gives lots of money to charity. Whether or not he should give more or whether he is an overall positive or negative influence in the world is another discussion as the question is a purely factual one. But the answer is that Bill Gates gives enormous amounts of money to charity. Simply search the internet for the "Bill and Melinda Gates foundation" or "Bill Gates donations".

Are Bill Gates children his biological children?

No all of Bill Gates children are adopted.

What did Bill Gates do that was important?

without Bill Gates we wouldnt have all the microsoft products we have today

Why did Bill Gates lose his money?

Most of Bill Gates money is invested in Microsoft stock. Therefore, when the price of the stock rises he makes money and when the price of the stock goes down he loses money, just like all the other stock investors in the world. Also, when he transfers money from his own account into his charity, his own net worth goes down.

Who is the father of all technology?

Bill Gates

What animal did Bill Gates like?

all of them

What did bill gates have to do with the apple computer?

Nothing at all.

What is Bill Gates working on now?

Nothing at all