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In most cases, YES they can be shortened and NO sealant is normally needed. It depends on the push nipples.

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Q: Can you shorten cast iron radiator do you need sealant?
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What is a column radiator used for?

A column radiator is used to describe a typical cast iron radiator. The term describes the vertical columns that make up the radiator. The radiators can also be made out of steal and not cast iron. The steal is welded together.

What are two companies that produce at least one cast iron model of radiator?

There are several companies who produce or sell cast iron models of radiators. For example, try the company 'Cast Rads' of the 'Radiator Center' for these radiators.

Pipe size for a cast iron radiator?

1/2" - 2" depending on demand

How does the water flow in an old cast iron radiator?

The boiler has a circulation pump that circulate the water

Can you connect rigid copper to cast iron pipe?

If the copper is big enough, you can treat it as if it were cast and use packing and sealant. If the diameters are too different, you can use a rubber coupling to connect the two.

How can a cast iron radiator be shortened?

Buy a shorter one. Welding Cast Iron is a pain and to do what you want would require cutting out a section and re-welding the whole thing. Baseboard hydraunic heaters can be shortened but cast is a no go.

Where do i add radiator sealant in 2000 saturn?

On a 2000 Saturn you should probably replace whatever part is leaking rather than gum it up with a sealant. If you must use a sealant you would remove the pressurized radiator cap.(This cap may not be on the radiator on all models. It may be located on a plastic surge tank located separate from the radiator.) Once the engine has reached full operating temperature add the sealant in to the rest of the coolant. Top off the coolant and replace cap. Run engine or drive for 10 minutes. Then shut the car off and allow to cool completely. NOTE:Radiator sealants will not stop leaks of rotating shaft seals(water pumps). Additionally, modern engines such as the ones used in Saturns have tight engine clearances and small water passages through aluminum parts. Sealants are a safe bet to use on the over-sized cast iron engines of days of yore, but a modern engine is isn't made for that kind of gunk surging through its veins.

What is the value of a cast iron radiator 300lbs 4ftX20''?

Depending on condition, between $50-$200 seems to be going rate.

How do you repair a leaking drain at a leaded joint if you need to replace approx 3' rusted pipe with PVC?

Answer replacing cast iron with PVCThere is a rubber sleeve available that goes in the cast iron and then the PVC slides into it. Use a rubber outside sleeve with two hose clamps. You can also replace the rusted section with PVC and them "lead" them with the packing and a paste sealant that is made for this.

Can you tie a cast iron radiator into a fin tube loop?

Yes, but be sure to install a small automatic air vent in the small tapping on the top at either end.

How much does a home radiator weigh?

The weight of a home radiator can vary depending on its size and material. On average, a typical cast iron home radiator can weigh around 100-200 pounds. However, modern aluminum radiators are much lighter and can weigh only around 20-50 pounds.

What type of metal is a radiator made from?

Radiator cores are typically made from aluminum and brass. Aluminum is used for the tubes and fins, while brass is used for the header and tanks. Aluminum is chosen for its lightweight and heat transfer properties, while brass is chosen for its corrosion resistance and durability.