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This in ADSL technique.

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Q: For what type of internet user upload bandwidth is be much much higher than download bandwidth?
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What is the role of a bandwidth manager software?

A bandwidth manager software allows the user to moderate the amount of bandwidth used on that internet connection. You can block websites, control download or upload speeds and help save on your internet costs.

Why do torrents slow your internet connection?

Depending on your ISP and service plan, you receive a certain amount of bandwidth. This is the speed at which you can download or upload files to/from the internet. You cannot download or upload faster than this speed. Downloading data using torrents implicitly uses bandwidth, meaning downloads through other programs, or by other people on the network, will be slower.

How can one make a CNET bandwith test?

CNET bandwidth tests can be carried out on the CNET website. These allow users to see how quickly their internet is running, as well as their upload and download speeds.

What is the difference between dedicated and shared bandwidth?

An example of shared internet access is if you get internet form a cable company it’s most likely shared. It’s basically your bandwidth shared between and others around you that have the same cable internet supplier. Usually your online during “peak hours” your internet will be slower. And your upload and download speeds change all the time. Dedicated internet access is usually for businesses. The bandwidth is not shared with other customers. And the upload and download speeds are stable.

How can I improve the upload and download speed?

Your upload and download speed are dependant on what package you have with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Upload speed is generally very low in residential connections, but the higher your download speed is, the higher your upload speed will be, in most cases.To increase your download speed you will have to contact your ISP and ask them to increase it, or complain if your not getting what your meant to get.

How large is DS3 bandwidth in computer terms?

DS3 bandwidth can reach speeds of up to 45 Megabits per second on both upload and download. It can both upload and download simultaneously without speed loss.

What does the Vonage speed test do?

The Vonage speed test calculates how fast one's internet connection speed is. It measures download speed,upload speed, download bandwidth and maximum route speed.

What is the use of Internet Leased Line?

it is dedicated connectivity ,full bandwidth, low packet loss , download and upload same bandwidth, (eg; you buy 2 Mbps ILL 2Mbps for upload 2 Mbps for down load available in same bandwidth Like Bypass road ) broad band like village road upload and down load same bandwidth .so better Leased line for office purpose . by Rajkumar India

Does asymmetric connections require the same bandwidth for each direction?

No, asymmetric connections do not require the same bandwidth for each direction. In asymmetric connections, the bandwidth is usually allocated unequally between the upstream (upload) and downstream (download) directions. This is common in DSL, cable, and satellite internet connections.

How does cFosSpeed allow for faster internet access?

The program cFosSpeed allows for faster internet access by prioritizing the use of the bandwidth you have. For instance it will give premium attention to the upload or download speed over other uses thereby increasing your speed.

Should it take 24 hours to download a book on the nook?

download/upload is dependent on connection bandwidth (speed) not component (pc, nook etc.)

What is the internet standard that allows users to download and upload files with other computers on the internet?