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Q: Is a pessimist's blood type always b negative?
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What can an individual who is blood type AB negative do?

An individual who is blood type AB negative can donate blood to individuals with AB positive and negative blood types. They can receive blood from AB negative donors, as well as from donors with O negative, A negative, and B negative blood types.

What blood types can person with blood type A negative donate?

A person with blood type A negative can donate to individuals with blood types A negative and AB negative.

If a mother has O negative blood and her child has A positive blood what type of blood should the father have?

The blood would be A+, the child's is always pretty much what the Father's is.

O positive person can donate blood to b negative person?

A person who has type O blood is called a universal donor which means you can donate blood to anybody no matter what their blood type is. The only thing is a person with o Type blood can only receive O type blood and nothing else. I worked in a ER and if the patient needed a blood transfusion and we didn't know what blood type he was we always gave type O blood.

Can negative blood type parent and positive blood type parent have an Rh negative blood type child?

yes, absolutely

What type of blood can A blood safely receive?

Type A or Type O Negative can give to positive Positive can not give to negative

What is Beyonce's blood type?

Beyonce blood type is "O" negative also known as Rh blood negative.

Will two negative A blood type parents always have an A negative child?

Not necessarily. It could result in a O neg baby depending on their genotypes.

What is Blood Type B negative for antibodies?

Blood type B negative has antibodies against blood type A antigens. This means that individuals with blood type B negative should not receive blood transfusions with type A or AB blood since their immune system will recognize these blood types as foreign and mount an immune response against them.

Will mother with blood group A Rh negative always have just babies of same gender?

No, a mother with blood group A Rh negative will not always have babies of the same gender. The gender of a baby is determined by the genetic contribution from both parents, not by the mother's blood type.

What is Leonard nimoy's blood type?

Good question! Spock's blood type was T Negative.

What is blood type A positive plus A negative equal?

Blood type A positive plus A negative equals blood type A positive.