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it is good if your not a person who doesn't really want all the high tech applications on it, but if your the opposite then it is a definite no no!

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Maybe yes...maybe not

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Q: Is alcatel a good mobile brand?
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When was Alcatel Mobile Phones created?

Alcatel Mobile Phones was created in 2004.

What kind of mobile phone services does Alcatel offer?

The kind of mobile phone services that Alcatel offers is the same as virtually every mobile phone service. It offer unlimited minutes as well as unlimited texting.

Was Alcatel mobile phones established in 2004?

The Alcatel mobile phone was started in 2004 it was a joint venture between two different companies in France and China. They have been one of the leaders in mobile phones since 1985.

Are alcatel phones any good?

is the alcatel ot-800 a good phone

What are some models of Alcatel mobile phones?

Alcatel mobile has many models of mobile phones. Some of the models include: Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Sony, LG Apple , Blackberry, HP, Acer, Asus, and Dell.

How expensive are Alcatel mobile phones?

It depends on which model you are looking for; for instance, the basic mobile phone could cost as low as $23.00 US, while the Alcatel One touch 990 costs about $192.00 US.

How much does the alcatel 0t-708 cost?

with tesco mobile its currently £49.97

Can we use a alcatel phones on a simple mobile Sim's card?

phones from at&t or tmobile can be used with a Simple Mobile sim card.

What are some phone that Alcatel offers?

Alcatel offers a range of mobiles phones, some of them are, Alcatel OT-665, Alcatel OT-818D, Alcatel OT-296, Alcatel OT-282, Alcatel OT-208 and Alcatel OT-296.

What has the author Alcatel written?

Alcatel. has written: 'Alcatel telecommunications review'

Which is a good mobile of android?

Now a days every one making Android phones. But when you consider low radiation and better hardware, samsung is the best choice. When you consider price factor choose Alcatel.

What is Alcatel?

Alcatel is a telecommunications manufacturer