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Ireland is in Western Europe, and thus falls into DVD region 2.

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Q: What DVD region is Ireland in?
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Can you buy an Animaniacs DVD in Ireland?

You might be able to find only used or pirated copies in Ireland. The official DVD's are region locked for use in region one only. You would have to get a modded DVD player to play them.

Is Ireland a subtropic region?

No, Ireland is a temperate region.

Can region 4 play in Ireland?

Ireland is in Region 2 for DVDs, so Region 4 DVDs will not play in Ireland.

What DVD region is America?

America belongs to DVD Region 1

When is bandslam being released in Ireland on DVD?

Bandslam is due to be released on DVD in Ireland on 7 December 2009.

What is the difference between a one code DVD and a multi region DVD?

A one code DVD is region locked and cannot be played outside of whatever region it has been locked in. A multi region DVD is not region locked and can be used anywhere.

When is twilight out on DVD in Ireland?

Twilight comes out on DVD on April 6th

What is the DVD region code for Tasmania?

Tasmania is in Australia, thus has the DVD Region 4.

Is region free DVD player illegal?

Region free dvd player is legal.

Where does it say region code on a DVD?

DVD region code is a to protect the DVD producer, so there are 6 regions in the world, and when you play DVDs, your player's region should be the same with your DVDs. But some palyer software can be region free DVD player software(Easy DVD Player)

What is DVD region 3 software?

DVD region 3 is Southeast and East Asia. DVD region 3 software will only work in equipment build for that area.

Where can one find more information about functions of the Region 2 DVD players?

Region 2 DVD players are specified for a particular region, Germany. Home Theater and DVD Demystified provide information on the functions and limitations of Region 2 DVD players.