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VoIP stands for Voice Over internet Protocol and is a software which is used to communicate over the internet using a microphone which is connected to your computer. The drawback to this is that you must be at your computer in order to make your call compared to the portability of a cell phone, however, using VoIP is free.

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The main difference between a regular cell phone and a VoIP cell phone is that the VoIP allows one to make phone calls using the internet. VoIP means "voice over internet protocol".

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Q: What is the difference between a regular cell phone and VoIP phones?
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What is the difference between tracfone phones and regular phones?

A trackphone is a mobile phone that you have to put minutes on regularly. They don't need a contract or any real personal information. A regular phone is one you have to go through a provider and get a plan and contract for.

What is the Difference between mobile and a cell phone?

They are both the same thing. Cellular phones are Mobile phones.

is there a difference between business and personal phones?

Yes, there can be a difference between business and personal phones. Sometimes business phones will have extra features such as conference calling that a personal phone won't have. Or perhaps, a business phone will have VoIP capability that a personal phone won't have.

What is the difference between an Android and a normal cell phone?

The main difference between android phones and basic, or regular phones, is that android phones run the android operating system delivering much more functionality than a traditional phone's operating system. Android phones also generally have much more processing power as they are classified as smartphones.

What is the difference between a regular phone and a PCS phone?

The difference between a regular phone and a PCS phone is that a regular phone can be paid monthly which is a month after using the phone while PCS (Personal Communication Service) phone can be paid before using the phone. It is a prepaid phone.

How are Skype phones different than regular home phones?

There are several differences between skype phone and regular home phones. Your computer has to be on, in order to use skype. You can call people with skype for free and using skype is much cheaper per month than regular home phone bills.

What are the difference between old and new mobile phone?

New phones arnt phones but fancy cameras that you can play music and games on.

Why would I purchase a smartphone instead of another style of cellular phone?

The difference between smartphones versus regular cellular phones, is that smartphones are able to access the internet and download applications, whereas regular phones cannot. Therefore, if you like the idea of downloading applications, you would want to have a smartphone.

What is the difference between iphone and cell phone?

the iPhone is more technical than other phones

What the difference between the Nexus S and the Nexus S4G?

The Nexus S 4G is a CDMA phone and the Nexus S is a GSM Phone. This is the basic difference between these two phones. Most of the remaining configurations are same.

What is the difference between a flip phone and clamshell phone?

Clamshell or flip phones were popular in the early 2000s. When clamshell phones are closed they take up a very minimal amount of space. Clamshell phones do not have a QWERTY keyboard, have a very small screen and are easily broken. Slider phones are a versatile phone. On the outside of the phone there is a touchscreen. There is a bottom compartment to the phone that will reveal a QWERTY keyboard.

What is the difference between cell phone headphones and regular headphones besides the size of the jack?

Cell phone headphones are most likely to be 2.5mm, while regular headphones are 3.5mm.