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no it is not it is located in eastern Africa!

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Q: Is the eastern US in the tropical rain forest?
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Is there a tropical rainforest in US?

Is there a rain forest in USAUSA

Is there tropical rainforest's in US?

Is there a rain forest in USAUSA

Which country gave us the word banana?

amzon rain forest they have an exellent supply of tropical fruit

Where is the tropical rain forest in the US?

its located in Central America and madagascar

What US state has a tropical rain forest?

In the Pacific Northwest there is an area of temperaterain forest. (Olympic Penninsula region) Also in Alaska.We have tropical rain forests in Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

What US states could a person visit a tropical rain forest in?

Central America, Mexico, Hawaii, and the Caribbean islands are all tropic rain forests. answered by Draven_Sanders

What us state would you find a tropical rain forest?

In the United States there are tropical rainforests in Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

Why do you need the kapok tree?

its not us that need the kapok tree its the animals in the tropical rain forest they all depend on that tree espesally the fruit bat

Where can you find a rian forest in US?

Much of the Hawai'ian island of Kaua'i is considered tropical rain forest. Other islands have some rain-forest ecology on the windward slopes. "Temperate" rain forests are found in the coastal regions of the West Coast, from the Oregon/California Border northward, continuing as far north as the Tongass National Forest near the Gulf of Alaska.

What temperate rain forest is in the US?


What US state could a person visit a tropical rain forest?

Hawaii is the only US state where you can find a tropical rainforest. The island of Kauai in particular is home to diverse and lush rainforests. Travelers can explore the Na Pali Coast and Waimea Canyon for a taste of Hawaii's natural beauty.

What is the largest forest in Puerto Rico?

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