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No, the middle passage was the trip from Africa to the Americas.

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Q: Was the Middle passage between Africa and Europe?
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Define middle passage?

The middle passage is defined as: The journey from the coast of Africa to Europe beginning the triangular trade.

What was the passage between Africa and the America's called?

The Middle Passage

Where did the middle passage occur?

The slaves were taken from Africa, back to the Americas of Europe

How did the middle passages get its name?

the voyage of the slave ships from Africa to the America's was called the middle passage cause it was the middle leg of the triangular trade the triangular trade was the movement of trade ships between Europe Africa and the America's

What is the journey made by the slaves between Africa and America?

The Middle Passage

Why was the middle passage important to the triangular trade?

the middle passage was the shortest distance between Africa and the American. It took approximately between 60 and 90 days

What does the middle passage refere to?

The trip between West Africa and the islands of the Caribbean

What were the trade routes used between Europe and the Americas?

the Middle Passage

Is the middle passage the same thing as the triangular trade route?

the middle passage is one part of the triangular trade. the middle passage was the boat ride slaves were on to get to the place they were being delivered to. the triangular trade route was the process of the slaves being delivered from Africa to America,America sends sugar and other raw materials to Europe, and Europe sent textiles and guns to Africa. hope that helps (:

Which countries were involved in the middle passage?

Countries involved in the middle passage were America and Africa.

What was the trip from Africa to America called?

triangular slave trade

Where did middle passageway was the voyage to and from where?

the middle passage was from Africa to America