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Well, I'm not sure what your definition of technology term is. I would say You-Tube and Yaris are both technology terms, in a way, because they are both products of current technology. However, here is a page that offers some terms that might be more widely accepted as technological:,289930,sid9_alpY,00.HTML

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  1. Y2K - Year 2000 problem - was a problem for both digital (computer-related) and non-digital documentation and data storage situations which resulted from the practice of abbreviating a four-digit year to two digits.
  2. Yobibyte (YiB) - is a unit of digital information storage used to denote the size of data. It is equivalent to 280, or 1,208,925,819,614,629,174,706,176, bytes and equal to 1,024 zebibytes.
  3. Yottabyte (YB) - is a unit of digital information storage used to denote the size of data. 1 YB = 10008bytes = 1024bytes = 1000000000000000000000000bytes = 1000zettabytes = itrillionterabyte
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Yttrium Aluminum Garnet rods doped with various rare earth metals, are used in lasers as the lasing medium.

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Q: Looking for a Technology Term Starting in Y?
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