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Ratification is a formal process to approve something, like a course of action, new law, etc.

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Q: What does the term ratification mean?
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What was the term for people opposed to the ratification of the constitution?


What term is used to refer to the official approval of the constitution of the states?


What is the term used to refer to the official approval of the Constitution by the states?


What term is used to refer to the official approval of the constitution by the state?


What does ratification dates mean?

Usually having to do with laws or constitution-type articles. Ratification means it was changed or updated. So, "ratification dates" means "when" it was changed or updated.

What was the approval of the Constitution called?

The process wherby each state voted to accept the new US Constitution is called "ratification." This term is also used for acceptance of amendments to the constitution.

Which term describes the approval or rejection of a proposed constitutional amendment in some states by the popular vote?


What is A sentence with ratification?

The ratification of the treaty was delayed.

What party names were given to those who favored ratification and to those who opposed ratification of the us constitution?

Ratification- Federalist Anti-ratification- anti-federalist

Who was for ratification of the constitution?

Federalists were for ratification. Antifederlists werent.

How is ratification important?

the ratification is important because it is a big part of the united states constitution and America

Does ratify mean to agree?

no,reject means to not want or the pass