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yes they can

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Q: Can a british citizen travell from Albania to us?
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If a US citizen marries a British citizen in Europe is the British citizen allowed to renter the US on a visa waver if we intend to reside in Europe?

Any British citizen can enter the US on the Visa waiver program for 3 months as a tourist only--working is not allowed.

Is Ringo Starr a US citizen?

He is a British citizen residing in Monaco.

Can a British citizen leave the US after ninety days and then return to the US?

Yes, as long as the British citizen has not committed a crime or is otherwise ineligible for entry into the US.

Who was Last us president not born citizen?

William Henry Harrison was the last president not born a US citizen. He was born a British citizen when the 13 original colonies were British colonies.

If you marry a British citizen and continue to live in the US will this cause your Medicare Benefits to change?

If you are a US citizen living in the US, marrying a British citizen won't affect your Medicare benefits. That only becomes a problem if you move out of the country.

Can a British citizen and a Canadian citizen live in the US together?

Yes they can live together

Can a British citizen be president of USA?

No. The US Constitution requires the president to be a natural born citizen of the United States. It also requires a president to be at least 35 years old and 14 years a resident of this country. So not only could a British citizen not be president, but even a British citizen who gave up British citizenship and became a naturalized US citizen cannot be president.

Does a british citizen need a visa to live in UK?

There is a distinct difference between a British Citizen and a British Subject. A British Citizen has free access to all parts of the UK. A British Subject may not. If you are a British Subject, you should check with the British Embassy in your country of residence. Incidentally, a British Citizen doesn't need a visa to visit the US but a British subject does.

Can a British citizen marry a lieutenant in the US army?


Elton John is a citizen of the US or UK?

He is not a citizen of the US; however, he is a citizen of the UK and an honorary citizen of Italy.

How many us presidents were British?

None you have to be a American citizen to be President.

How many british people have been to space?

there have been 5 British astronauts Helen sharmen being the first who only had 1 mission. there was also Micheal foale who is British born but is a US citizen he had 9 missions. there was piers sellers who was also British born but an us citizen he had 3 missions. Nicholas Patrick was another British born but us citizen he had 2 missions and there is timothy peake who has had no missions yet