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theres about 150 rivers in Romania its very beautiful there.c: RAWR :0 im bored right noe so imma go :3 peace YALL :p

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Only Danube is used for transport.

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About 1400

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Q: How many rivers in Romania?
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What rivers are in Romania?

There are many little rivers in Romania but Romania has got the biggest part of Danube.

How many rivers lakes does Romania have?

There are around 3500 lakes in Romania.

What are some physical characteristics of Romania?

Romania has many types of geographic features: mountains, hills, lakes, rivers, sea, plains.

What percent of Romania is made of rivers?

All bodies of water (lakes and rivers) make 3 % from the total area of Romania.

Does Romania have a lot of water on its land?

Romania has rivers and lakes, but not a lot.

What bodies of water are there in Romania?

Romania has rivers, lakes and the Black Sea to the East.

Some of the geographical features in Romania?

As many European countries Romania has mountains and hills, lakes and rivers, plains etc.; also is near the Black Sea.

What are the physical features of Romania?

Romania has mountains and lakes, plains and rivers, forests and hills.

What are the land features in Romania?

Romania has plains, lakes, rivers, sea, hills, mountains.

Where does Romania get its fresh water from?

Romania gets its water from wells, rivers,lakes, and underneath the ground.

What are geographical features found in Romania?

Romania has mountains and lakes, plains and rivers, forests and hills.

What type of land form is Romania?

Romania has plains and hills, mountains and rivers, lakes and sea.