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if im on bond can I go to Jamaica

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Q: Im on probation can you go to Jamaica?
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Does Jamaica have any famous monument?

of course they do im there and im pregnnant hilory Clintondon't call me hill also don't go to Jamaica the people there don't like Americans

Im on probation in queens and got a misdeamenor charge in Brooklyn will it all add up?

If you are on probation and picked up another new charge, tell your probation officer. If you do not, it will go much harder when the charge catches up to you, and it will.

Can a person on probation for felony DWI go to Jamaica?

C'mon! . . . Read your own probabtion papers that you received at the time you were released. Unless there are travel restrictions stated, then yes.

Can a felon get housing in Wisconsin if they finished their probation?

Can i get housing in wi im a felon but done with probation

What if im arraigned for probation revocation?

You would not be arraigned for this unless the Court has been notified that you violated your probation.

Can you be on probation if your under eleven years of age?

Yes they can i was just arrested and im on probation i smoked weed on friday but now i got probation tomorrow so im most likely going to juvvy :(

Can you have a cross bow if Im on felony probation in Georgia?


If you were married in Jamaica where would you go to file for a divorce?

I got married in 2001 in Jamaica, Im now living st. Maarten and wish to get divorce but dont know how to start.

If im on probation with two different cities and in one of them cities im so close to getting off of probation and the other city revokes my probation then should i tell my probation officer about the new charges and if so why or why not should them?

If you probation is revoked you will be going to jail even if you don't tell the one city they will find out when it is put into the system that you are wanted.

Can a probation officer deny your drivers license cause your taking pain medicine do to pain?

im a dialysis patient i have bone disease im in chronic pain im perscribed percocet by my doctor im on probation she telling me that she wont let me drive cause im on these medications can she do that?

The judge would not give me temp custody of my nephew cause im on probation what can i do i live in mass?

Successfully complete your period of probation.

Can you leave off island from Saipan to Guam if im on probation for DUI?

Your probation documents should spell out what restrictions, if any, you may have.