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The Republic of Ireland has one main government. There are councils around the country, but they don't have the powers the government has. The island of Ireland is split into the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is separate and has its own government.

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Q: Is Ireland governed by one big central government?
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In what year was the Central Bank of Ireland established?

Ulster Bank Ireland is one of the big four banks in Ireland. The Ulster Bank Ireland was founded in 1836. The bank has 6000 employees and over 1.9 million clients.

How does size affect democratic politics of a country?

It does not by definition, but large countries often are too big to be effectively governed from one central point. Therefore, they are usually divided in States or Provinces that have a sometimes considerable level of autonomy. These often have local Parliaments whose members are elected by the State's or Province's inhabitants and they have their own government to take care of all local issues. Usually these governments also can raise taxes. Small countries can be and usually are governed by one central Parliament and government. Provinces can and do often exist there as well, but they rarely if ever have major 'autonomous' powers.

What does the term federal government refers to?

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What was a cause of conflict among the population of Ireland?

A big cause of conflict among the Irish was their subjection to English rule. Many Irish people did not think Ireland should be an English colony, and several rebellions were held to attempt to free Ireland. Ireland was freed in the 1920s, and a civil war was fought in Ireland as they attempted to decide how they should be governed as a new nation. There is also conflict in Northern Ireland, specifically, about religion. There has long been tensions between the Catholics and Protestants in the region.

What is the importance of Capital of Ireland?

Dublin is the capital of Ireland. The government is based there. It is the largest city in Ireland. It is on the coast, so it is a major port. It has the largest population of any Irish city. Lots of big companies are there. For these and many other reasons, it is a very important city.

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The Articles of Confederation created a loose confederation of 13 independent states with a weak central government instead of creating one united nation with a strong central government like the constitution.

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A Unitary State, is a state of which is governed by a single big government. Examples of these types of states include, Greenland, United Kingdom, China, Japan, and South Korea.

Why is the population of Ireland so big?

In fact, the population of Ireland is not very big at all in terms of total population and density. If you think the population of Ireland is big, it might be that Ireland has a large area. In terms of contrast, your country's population might be small.

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A big Banana named George, George Falanji

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The All-Ireland Football Final, which is the single largest sporting event in Ireland.