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Q: The First European countries to establish colonies in South America were?
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Which was the first European kingdom to establish colonies in north America?


Why did the US want to prevent European colonies in the Americas?

to prevent European countries from regaining colonies in Latin America

Which European nations establish colonies in central America and the West Indies?


When did European countries begin establishing colonies in central America?


What did Monroe Doctrine permit in Latin America?

The Monroe Doctrine asserted that European powers should not intervene in the political affairs of independent nations in the Americas. It essentially permitted the United States to act as a protector of countries in Latin America against European colonization and interference. This helped establish the United States as a dominant power in the region.

List three reasons European countries explored north America?

European countries explored North America to find a sea route to Asia for trade, to spread Christianity to indigenous populations, and to establish colonies for economic and territorial gains.

The purpose if the monroe doctrine was to discourage European nations from attempting to establish colonies in what nation?

Latin America

Which European countries still have colonies in Latin America?

No European countries currently have colonies in Latin America. All former colonial territories in Latin America have gained independence.

What was the goals of Monroe doctrine?

prevent European intervention in Latin America

Three other European countries established colonies in South America Which countries Were they?

Portugal, France, Spain

What was one way that European countries increased their wealth and power?

establishing colonies in North America

How did mercantilism contribute to european colonization in north America?

1- The colonies offered political freedoms not found in European countries. 2- European countries could sell colonial goods in Asia. 3- Colonies provided manufactured goods for European countries. 4- Colonies provided cheap raw materials for European nationa.