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Q: Which was the first European kingdom to establish colonies in north America?
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What was the first European kingdom to establish colonies in North America?


In 1914 which European country had the most colonies?

united kingdom

How were the colonies linked to Europe?

the 13 colonies were a part of the Kingdom of Great Britain, a European country.

How old was the United States of America in 1941?

The "Americas" were discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492. European colonies began to inhabit the Americas around the 1600's, by 1770 the thirteen European colonies in America contained around 2 million people. On July 4, 1776 the European colonies declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain and there became the United States of America. This leaves the United States of America about 165 years old in 1941.

Which European country had the most colonies in 1900?

It was the United Kingdom.

In the mid 1700s what countries had the most colonies in north America?

United Kingdom

Who fought in the Revolutionary War?

the colonies of America fought against the kingdom of great Britain.

What European country signed a Treaty of Alliance with the colonies helping the patriots win the Revolutionary War?

The Kingdom of France.

What European countries colonized the Pacific islands?

Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Spain all had colonies in the Pacific.

What countries in Europe once had colonies in north America?

The original European colony in North America were Vikings from Greenland, which was part of the Greenland-Iceland-Denmark-Norway grouping of kingdoms.Later, the following European countries established colonies of some sort in North America, in relative order of the [geographic] size of their colonies:SpainUnited Kingdom (specifically England & Scotland)FranceRussiaPortugalSwedenNetherlandsGermanyDenmarkNaturally, both the geographic and population size of these colonies varied widely over time. In terms of modern impact, the top three are the only ones which have had a significant long-term influence.

What was one of the first goals of the English colonies in America?

well i have two for you: to search for gold and to expand their kingdom

In which areas of South America are United Kingdom and Mexico located?

None at all. Mexico is on the southern tip of North America, just below the United States. The United Kingdom is on the European continent.

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