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There are many baby modeling agencies in the United Kingdom. Some of these include The Cute Kid, Bizzy Kidz, Truly Scrumptious, Baby Shak and Scally Wags.

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Q: What are the names of some baby modeling agencies in the UK?
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What are the top modeling agencies for children in London?

I would try our Elizabeth Smith as it is one of the oldest child and baby modeling agencies in the UK. I would also check out the related website about baby modeling as it has some good tips on vetting the agencies and avoiding scams.

What are some petite modeling agencys in Dallas?

There currently are no petite modeling agencies in the Dallas area. If you are at least 5'5" or an exceptional 5'4" you can look into Dallas modeling agencies that have a commercial/print division.

What are some good onling modeling agencies?

Kimy mera and ashely mera

What are some trustable modelling agentsy's in Worcester?

Here is a link to legit modeling agencies in MA:

What are some good modeling agencies for small teens you are fourteen and just around 5 foot you are supposed to grow to like 5 foot 5 inches What are some good agencies that take models this small?

There are a few good modeling agencies that work with small teens at the age fourteen. The top three modeling companies are Wilhelmina Models, Elite Models and Ford Models.

What modeling agency does delia's use?

You should look into agencies that list Delia's as an existing client. Some agencies post the names of companies they regularly supply models for on their websites. You'll want to find an agency that represents commercial/print and/or teen models.

What are some modeling agencies in Orlando Florida?

Next Model Management Elite - Miami Ford Models MC2 Model Management Miami Wilhelmina Miami BMG Models

What are some real modeling and casting agencies in southern California?

what ever dont lesten to this shir

What are some modeling agencies in the UK?

Models 1 Storm BMA Models Elite Oxygen Premier

Are there any good modeling agencies in Michigan?

Michigan is not a major modeling market so while there are some credible agencies in that region, it is best to establish a modeling career in a large market like New York, Los Angeles or Miami.

What kind of place does modelling agency is done?

If I understand your question correctly, you are asking about where modeling agencies do business? If so, modeling agencies are held in office buildings (usually a suite) with multiple rooms, one for the bookers, a lobby/waiting room, and a few rooms for picture taking and interviews. Some modeling agencies are solely online and do not have an actual location for models to go to but it is usually better to work with a traditional modeling agency with a physical location you can go to.

What are some kid freindly modeling agencies?

That's hard to answer because location plays a factor. You'll want to look for agencies within a 2 hour's drive from where you live in order to see what's out there and which ones represent kids.