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Q: What are the traditioons of the dogon?
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When was Dogon A.D. created?

Dogon A.D. was created in 1972.

What has the author Anne Doquet written?

Anne Doquet has written: 'Les masques dogon' -- subject(s): Dogon (African people), Dogon Masks, Dogon Mythology, Rites and ceremonies

What tribe uses the dogon mask?

Well, the Dogon tribe, obviously.

When was Jean-Luc Dogon born?

Jean-Luc Dogon was born on 1967-10-13.

Where did the dogon people live?

The Dogon people live in Mali, a country in Africa.

What are dogon masks and headdress used for?

Dogon masks and headdresses were usually used during dances that occurred on special occasions.

Why do the Dogon tribe know so much about your solar system?

It is not clear that the Dogon possess any detailed knowledge of the solar system.

Are dogon extinct?

beacause futo a dhere

What animal do the Dogon people think have supernatural powers?

The Dogon are an ethnic group that live in the plateau region of Mali. They believe that the fox has supernatural powers.

What has the author Tito Spini written?

Tito Spini has written: 'Togu na' -- subject(s): Dogon (African people), Dogon Art, Dwellings

When Marco polo returned to china what happened?


What has the author Christopher D Roy written?

Christopher D. Roy has written: 'African sculpture' -- subject(s): Stanley Collection 'The Dogonof Mali and Upper Volta =' -- subject(s): Art, Dogon, Catalogs, Dogon (African people), Dogon Art, Dogons (African people)