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North Korea

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America is surrounded by two countries. On the northern border of America is Canada and on the southern border is Mexico.

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is there any moreΒ 

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Russia borders the following countries: Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, the Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, and North Korea.

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China , Kazakhstan,mongolian,georgia , Estonia Latvia and Romania .

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It is bounded by Croatia on the west and north, Serbia on the northeast, and Montenegro on the southeast.

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Q: What countries surround Russia?
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What countries surround the Arctic Ocean?

Countries bordering the Arctic Ocean are: Russia, Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Canada and the United States.

What other countries are surround china and any oceans?

Russia, Mongolia, Nepal, India, Kazakhstan, Krygystan, Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Thailand surround China. The west coast of China are surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.

What countries and seas surround France?

countries that surround France are :GermanySpainItalyBelgiumLuxenbourgSwitzerlandSeas that surround France are:Bay of biscaythe English channel

What are the countries that neighbor China?

China has 14 countries that surround it. Theses countries are, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Pakistan, Laos, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Burma, Tajikistan, North Korea, Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, and India.

What is the closest country to the Black Sea?

There really isn't a "closer" because many different countries surround the black sea. Those countries are Turkey, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Georgia.

How many countries surround Poland?

Part of Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, Slovakia, Czech Rebuplic, Germany ;)6 or 7 if you include Kaliningrad as Russia GermanyCzech republicSlovakiaUkraineBelarusLithuania.

What countries surround the Philippines?

The Philippines is surrounded by the following countries: Taiwan to the north, Vietnam to the west, Malaysia and Indonesia to the south.

What countries does England protect?

England protects countries that surround it.

What countries surround South Carolina?

no countries surround South Carolina it is a state. it is surrounded by North Carolina, geogia and the Atlantic ocean :I

What countries surround Portugal?


How many countries border Turkey?

Turkey borders Bulgaria and Greece to the West, Georgia, Armenia and Iran to the East, and Iraq and Syria to the South. Therefore, in total, 7 countries surround Turkey.

What countries surround Everest?

Nepal and Tibet surround Mount Everest.