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Q: What country in europe has more sheep than humans?
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Is there more sheep than humans in wales?

Yes, there are more sheep than humans in Wales. Estimates show that there are around four times as many sheep as there are people living in Wales. Sheep farming is an important industry in Wales, with the country having a long history of sheep farming.

Why are humans smarter then sheep?

Humans have evolved complex brain structures that enable higher cognitive functions such as reasoning, problem-solving, and language abilities, which are more developed than those of sheep. Additionally, humans have developed sophisticated cultural practices and technologies that have further enhanced their intelligence and ability to adapt to various environments.

Is the sense of smell more important as a protective and a food-getting sense in sheep or in humans?

The sense of smell is more important as a protective and food-getting sense in sheep. Sheep rely heavily on their sense of smell to detect predators, identify food sources, and navigate their environment. In comparison, humans rely more on their vision and hearing for protection and obtaining food.

Which country has more sheep than people?

Both Australia and New Zealand have more sheep than people.

What is the country with more sheep than people?

Both New Zealand and Australia have more sheep than they have people.

What is the significance of the fact that the olfactory bulbs are larger in sheep brain than in human brain?

The larger olfactory bulbs in sheep compared to humans reflect the importance of the sense of smell for sheep in their environment. Sheep heavily rely on their sense of smell to detect food, predators, and other sheep, hence the larger olfactory bulbs to process these sensory inputs effectively. In contrast, humans rely more on vision and other senses, making the olfactory bulbs relatively smaller in comparison.

Which country is famous for sheep?

New Zealand is famous for its sheep farming industry, with more sheep than people in the country. Sheep farming plays a significant role in the agriculture sector of New Zealand's economy.

Which country has more sheep than the people and the country starts with letter A?


How does colliculus in sheep compare to human?

The colliculus in sheep and humans serve similar functions in integrating sensory information and controlling specific motor functions. However, sheep have larger colliculi relative to brain size compared to humans, likely due to their need for heightened sensory processing and motor coordination in their natural environment. Additionally, the specific organization and connections within the colliculi may vary between sheep and humans based on their unique evolutionary and ecological demands.

Why are olfactory bulbs on humans smaller than on sheep?

Humans rely more on other senses, like vision, for survival compared to sheep, which heavily rely on their sense of smell for identifying predators and finding food. Thus, sheep have larger olfactory bulbs to process a greater amount of olfactory information.

Which country has sheep twenty times more than people?

New Zealand has approximately 6 sheep for every 1 person, making it the country with the highest ratio of sheep to people in the world. Sheep farming plays a significant role in the country's economy and agricultural sector.

Which country is the only country in the world with more sheep than New Zealand?

China and Australia.