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SahityarRatna degree from prayag University is equal to B.A From other universities in India.

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Q: What degree is equvalent to sahitya ratna from Hindi sahitya sammelan?
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What is the website of Hindi sahitya sammelan board allahabad?

website Hindi sahitya sammelan

What is sahitya ratna degree in Hindi sahitya sammelan allahabad?

Hindi Sahitya Sammelan Allahabad is a recognized Institution -Prathma,Madhyama,Uttama, For Admission-please contact us-09044498111

Where is the traditional educational institution Hindi Sahitya Sammelan?

Hindi Sahitya Sammelan is situated at Prayag (Allahabad).

Hindi sahitya sammelan 8th in which city?

Hindi sahitya sammelan is in Allahabad. It is 8th in good colleges rank.

What is the code of Hindi sahitya sammelan?

Hindi sahitya sammelan is very strict organistaion. It works solelely for hindi language welfare.

Hindi sahitya sammelan is a well recognizes university in ugc?

Yes, Hindi sahitya sammelan prayag university is recognised under hrd. It is a great place to train and study.

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Is Hindi sahitya sammelan pryag university is roconised under central government of India?

Hindi sahitya sammelan pryag university is recognized. You must check the latest stats on their site.

What Hindi sahitya sammelan ellahabad offers madhyama visharad course?

Pls clarify that is madhyama visharadha corse from sahitya sammelan is equivalent to intermediate

How can you get your migration certificate from Hindi sahitya sammelan?

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Is siksha visarad degree of 2003 2004 Hindi sahitya sammelan allahabad is vaillid equaof BEd or DEd?


IS Shiksha visharad issued by Hindi sahitya sammelan is equivalent to bed or not?