What does pono mean?

Updated: 11/11/2022
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The word `pono` in the Hawaiian language is referred to most popularly as 'righteousness'. As is stated in the Hawaii state motto: `Ua Mau ke Ea o ka Äâ'¬ina i ka Pono` (translated directly as: the life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness). However, the word is often used to mean correct, honorable, or good. There are strong cultural and spiritual connotations to the word. A loose definition could be a state of harmony or balance.

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Q: What does pono mean?
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What does pono ki te atua mean?

what does he pono ki te atua

What does ulu pono ahahui mean?

Ulu pono ahahui translates to "organization for growth and improvement" in Hawaiian.

How do you say I am righteous in hawaiian?

You can say "Ua pono au" to mean "I am righteous" in Hawaiian.

What does pono mean in maori?

"Pono" means sincerity, honesty, or truthfulness in Maori. It is also a core value in Maori culture and represents being true to oneself and others.

What does i ka pono mean in hawaiian?

Aloha: respectfully, truly, sincerely, etc.

How do you say wellness in Hawaiian?

Aloha: mea pono [may-ah po-no] or ho'oponopono [ho oh pono pono]

What does ehuehu i ka pono mean in Hawaiian?

"Ehuehu i ka pono" in Hawaiian means "to strive for righteousness" or "to seek goodness". It encourages individuals to pursue what is right and just in their actions and decisions.

What does mahalo ame a hui hou mean in Hawaiian Also what does malama pono mean as well?

It means: Ame- And Mahalo- Thank you A hui hou- See you later Malama pono- Be good or take care Mahalo, a hui hou malama pono: Thank you, take care until we meet again.

How do you say righteousness in Hawaiian?

In Hawaiian, righteousness can be translated as "pono."

How many artists available on Pono?

Take a look at this press photo for the Pono and see which songs it ... sound better than anything already available, and the Pono Store will not.

What does kuleana pono mean in Hawaiian?

The two words that you needed translated, "kuleana" which has multiple meanings, in the old Hawaiian days it meant "land divisions" and can also represent your space or spirituality. The next word is "pono" and that means "to make correct"/"to make good". So in essence, what Israel was saying is to get your life in order, or your space in order; make it "pono", make it good.

What is a ponomad?

mad pono