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Q: What is Ottawa's twin city?
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What is ottawas flower?

ottawas flower is the maple leaf

What is ottawas population?

The population of Ottawa, Ontario as of 2006 is...City: ~812,000Metro: ~1,130,000

What did the Ottawas do?

what did the men do in ottawa

What is ottawas national animal?


What did did the ottawas eat?

what does Ottawa tribe eat

What is Ottawas longitude and latitude?

45.423439, -75.701106

When was Twin City Ballers created?

Twin City Ballers was created in 2006.

When was Twin City Cyclones created?

Twin City Cyclones was created in 2005.

When was Twin City Radio created?

Twin City Radio was created in 1994.

What city was twin towers destroyed at?

New York City was the location of the twin towers.

When was Twin City Derby Girls created?

Twin City Derby Girls was created in 2010.

Which city is known as twin city in the world?

Minneapolis and Sait Paul, Minnesota are known as the Twin Cities.