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Q: What is the average monthly natural gas bill in Washington State?
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How much do welders earn in Washington monthly?

In the state of Washington, the average annual pay for a welder is $32,000. This works out to be $2,666. 67 per month.

Average monthly rent in 1991?

There isn't an average monthly rent as rent varies from city to city and state to state. An example of average monthly rent in 1991 in San Francisco would be $1,000.

Washington state auto insurance monthly payment grace period?

What is the WA state monthly payment grace period for auto insurance?

What are the average monthly temperatures for the state of Florida?


What is the average water bill for an apartment in Washington state?

The average water bill for an apartment in Washington state is $140.00.

What are the release dates for Natural Wonders of Washington State - 1939?

Natural Wonders of Washington State - 1939 was released on: USA: 2 October 1939

What are Washington's State Natural Resources?


What are the natural resources of the state of Washington?

the evergreen trees

Washington state natural resources?

Washington state has four natural resources that include timber, farm produce, fish and hydroelectric power. Washington State is called the Evergreen State receiving plenty of rain to keep the soil fertile year round.

What is the average salary for hospitalist?

Washington state

What is the average Washington state annual income?

According to the US Census Bureau, the average annual income for households in Washington State was $58,081 in 2008. This is over the national average of $52,029.

What natural resources are found in the state of Washington?

sand coal