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its was mostly slavery and unfair conditions from government

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Q: What led Mexicans to becoming unhappy with the spanish rule?
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Why were Texans unhappy with the Mexican rule?

why were Texans unhappy with Mexicans rule

Did the french who were unhappy with Aztec rule gave the Spanish food a support against the Aztecs?

the french who were unhappy with Aztec rule gave the spanish food and support against the Aztecs true or false?

The Mexicans revolted from Spanish rule and finally won their independence in?

On 27 September 1821.

Why might malinche have been willing to help the spanish?

because she was unhappy with aztec rule

Who gave a speech in 1810 encouraging Mexicans to fight for freedom from Spanish rule?

Miguel Hidalgo

Did the french who were unhappy with the Aztec rule gave the spanish food support against the Aztec?


Were the french unhappy about the Aztec rule?

I hate you. First, the Aztecs never ruled any Europena nation. They were 2 unadvanced. 2nd, the spanish encountered the Aztecs, not the french, and they conquered them and took their gold and killed 80,000 of their soldiers. So the Aztecs were unhappy with the spanish rule. French... god.

What was the most direct results of the Mexicans independence from spanish rule?

the increase of trade along the Santa Fe Trail

Was Florida once under Spanish Rule?

yes. Florida was under Spanish's rule for 300 years before becoming a part of the united states in 1821.

What percent of Cubans speak Spanish?

About 95% have at least a working knowledge of Spanish compared to about 80% for English.

What roots do Mexicans come from?

92.7% of the Mexican population speaks Spanish, brought by Spanish conquistadors who brought Mexico under Spanish rule in 1521. Other languages spoken in Mexico come from several Native American tribes that inhabited Mexico since the last Ice Age.

What year did the aztects live?

They are still alive today. Most modern Mexicans are descended from Aztecs. But their empire collapsed in the 16th Century, and Mexico was turned over to Spanish rule.