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Q: When did John Bede Polding come to Australia?
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When did John forrest come to Australia?

John Forrest came to Australia on a day which was ...

When did John Hunter come to Australia?


When did edward john Eyre come to Australia?

When he was 17 (he was born in 1815)

Why did John Hemmes come to Australia?

to escape ww11 in New Zealand

Will Elton John come to Australia to perform again?

There's little doubt about it.

What country did John Williams come from?

he came from Australia, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast

When did John MacArthur come to Australia?

John Macarthur and his wife, Elizabeth, arrived in Port Jackson on the 28 June 1790.

Where does the Sidney in John S McCain come from?

From the name of the Capital city of Australia, where he was born.

Where does edward john Eyre come from?

He comes from Whipsnade, Bedfordshire in England and immigrated to Australia when he was 17.

Were there any priests on the First Fleet?

No, but the first priest to come to Australia was in 1820 and he was fr John Therry.

What has the author John Sendy written?

John Sendy has written: 'Comrades come rally' -- subject(s): Biography, Communist Party of Australia, Communists

When did Mary Makillop come to Australia?

She did not "come to Australia." She was born in Australia