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Most were bought in parts of North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. The slaves in alabama are the first born on american soil, also there was a migration of whites going to alabama because of the fertillity of the soil and they took I there alaves

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Q: Where did the first European settlers in Alabama come from?
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The first European settlers in Canada were Scandinavians.

Where did the early settlers of new zealand come from?

The first settlers were the Polynesian ancestors of the Maori. The first European settlers came from great britain.

From where did the first European settlers in Canada come?

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William Tucker was the first European settler to come to the area of Dunedin, New Zealand. He arrived in 1815.

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The European settlers came from Euro[e. Most of them did, but some came from England or Spain.

Why did the European settlers in Canada come from?


Where did the European settlers in Canada come from?


Where did the European settlers come in Canada?


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There are a number of reasons why European settlers continued to come to the United States. These Europeans felt that they would have more opportunities here for example.

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