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Q: Where does japan get most of its fruit and vegetables from?
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Which takes longer to grow vegetables or fruit?

Usually fruit as most vegetables produce a crop within a year.

What is Japans agriculture?

Japan's agriculture is hunting and fishing.

Can you recommend the most healthy diet?

fruit and vegetables

Does a fruit have to have seeds to be a fruit?

most fruits do have seeds, but so do all plants, and vegetables

What are the Example of fruit and vegetables that can be process?

Most fruits or vegetables can be processed by canning, freezing, or drying.

Most of the fruit and vegetables you get from a supermarket are the product of?

Selective breeding

What diet should a normal person have?

most fruit and vegetables

What Carbohydrate has the most nutrient not refined?

Fresh vegetables and fruit.

Does fruit and vegetables give us the most energy?


What is the most fact about Japan?

I think it is sushi and food and vegetables

What vegetables have the most acid?

Tomatoes, although tomatoes are technically a fruit.

Where are most of the fiber and vitamins are found in fruit and vegetables?

the skin around it