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Selective breeding

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Most of the fruits and vegetables you get from a supermarket are the product of?

selective breeding

Are most of the fruits and vegetables you get at a supermarket the product of accidental mutations?

Every life form is probably the product of accidental mutations! Nowadays mutations are not necessarily accidental--they are called genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Which takes longer to grow vegetables or fruit?

Usually fruit as most vegetables produce a crop within a year.

Is the fruit and vegetable aisle the most important in the supermarket?

One of the reasons is that you should eat five servings a day of fruits and vegetables another good reason is that vegetables are low in fat and calories, and unlike some things, high in fibre, and contain many of vitamins and minerals. It's hard to go wrong in this aisle, it’s impossible to pick an unhealthy product in this aisle.

Can you recommend the most healthy diet?

fruit and vegetables

Can you call a supermarket to find out if they sell a product?

Most definitely- in most supermarkets anyway.

Does a fruit have to have seeds to be a fruit?

most fruits do have seeds, but so do all plants, and vegetables

What are the Example of fruit and vegetables that can be process?

Most fruits or vegetables can be processed by canning, freezing, or drying.

What is the major agricultural products in Japan?

Japan's agricultural products include rice, wheat, soybeans, fruit, and vegetables. Rice is the most successful product in the country and is considered the most important.

How much salt does fresh fruit and vegetables have?

they most likely don't have so much salt because they are very healthy.

What state grows the most fruit and vegetables?

Florida and Texas

What Carbohydrate has the most nutrient not refined?

Fresh vegetables and fruit.

What diet should a normal person have?

most fruit and vegetables

Does fruit and vegetables give us the most energy?


Why is corn in mixed vegetables if corn is a fruit?

because corn is a delectible fruit. most people know it is as a vegtible and not a fruit. if that helps.

What vegetables have the most acid?

Tomatoes, although tomatoes are technically a fruit.

Are zucchini and squash fruit?

Most people consider them vegetables but they are actually fruit. They have seeds inside them, therefore they are fruit. That's why tomatoes are actually fruit, they have seeds inside of them.

Is a bell pepper a vegetable?

Well, TECHNICALLY it is a fruit- just as tomatoes are a fruit. But most people call them vegetables. True vegetables are things like lettuce- where you eat the plant itself.

Is fig a fruit?

Yes. To tell the difference, fruits have seeds and vegetables do not. Figs have seeds so they are technically a fruit. Answer Strictly speaking most plants, except ferns, bear seeds, including vegetables. In most fruits the seed is contained within the fruit. So a fig bears fruit that carry the seeds so a fig is a fruit.

What is the world's most popular fruit?

In terms of production, the tomato is the most popular fruit in the world. Technically, it is a fruit. Basically, anything with seeds are fruits, even if they are commonly considered vegetables.

What happens if you eat too much fruit and vegetables?

You probabley get skinnier. If you eat like 50 portions of fruit or veg you will need to ash your teeth because there is sugar in most fruits and vegetables

Can tortoise eat apples?

Yes they can - they'll eat most kinds of fruit and vegetables.

Which food would provide the most roughage for the body?

green leafy vegetables and fruit

Which meal would provide the most energy as well as the material needed to build muscle?

Meat, vegetables and fruit

What nutrient is found in most fruit and vegetables to strengthen the bodys immune system?

Vitamins and minerals.

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