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They didn't Utah comes form ute meaning "people of the mountains"

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Q: Why did ute Indians get Utahs name?
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How did Utah's nickname get its name?

Utah got its nickname from the Ute Indians and before the Ute indians were there the mormon settlers called them the beehive state, lake tahoe state, and desert state. Utah got its name from the ute indians also.

How did Comanche Indians tribe get its name?

by their enemy the ute tribe

What was Utah's original name?

It was named (as were many states) for the Ute tribe of native Americans.

What are the oldest Indians in Colorado?

The Ute.

What did the ute Indians live in?

a tipi

Name an Indian tribe from New Mexico?

There are the various pueblo people, the Navajo, Ute and Apache.

What kind of Indians lived in Colorado?

There are two today.One is the Southern Ute Tribe.The other is the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe. Yes it is the Ute Mountain Ute. This is not a typo.

Where does the name piceance originate?

Piceance originates from the Ute Indians. It means "land of tall grass." The Ute Indians were the original inhabitants of that area until the Meeker Massacre in September of 1879, after which they were forced on to the reservation.Source, page one of the book Land of Tall Grass by Gracie Petrakian."I am known by the name "Piceance", a Ute Indian word meaning "tall grass."

Did ute Indians use teepees?

Yes they did.

Who were the Ute Indians?

Native americans. they dont have a name that is good enough to write

What is the birth name of Ute Ohoven?

Ute Ohoven's birth name is Ute-Henriette Ulmen.

What is the birth name of Ute Lemper?

Ute Lemper's birth name is Ute Gertrude Lemper.