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Dutch was Ronald Reagan's nickname. And lesser one was The Gipper from a movie he was in .

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Q: Ronald Reagans nicknames Dutch and the gipper?
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What were Ronald Reagan's two nicknames?

"Dutch" and "The Gipper"

What is Ronald Reagans nickname?

His life long nickname was "Dutch", a name given to him by his father. He used the name professionally when he was a sports announcer in Iowa.

What was one of Ronald Reagan lifelong nicknames?

mr.watergate lol Dude, Watergate was Nixon. Get your facts straight. Reagan's most well-known nicknames were Dutch, Gipper, and The Great Communicator.

What was some of Reagans nicknames?

dutch was one of his nicknames

What was Ronald Reagan's nickname?

Ronald Reagan's nickname was "Dutch" given to him by father when he was very young. "Ronnie" and "Ron" were probably used on occasion. He was also referred to as "The Gipper" due to a movie role and "The Great Communicator" because of his skill in making speeches.

One of Ronald Reagan's lifetime nicknames was?

"The Gipper" based on the fact that in the movie "Knute Rockne, All American" Reagan played the part of George Gipp whose nickname was "The Gipper". A line from the movie was "Win One for the Gipper" an appeal to the rest to win against all odds. "Win one for the Gipper" became a common slogan for Reagan and his suporters when he went into politics.

Who wrote Ronald Reagan biography?

Edmund Morris wrote Dutch, the biography endorsed by the Reagans.

What was Ronald Reagan known to many as?

"Dutch"...and while President, "The Great Communicator"Ronald ReAgan was know to many as The Great Communicator.

Why was Ronald Reagans nickname dutch?

His father gave him the nickname when he was very young because he looked like a little Dutchman to his father. He later was given a Dutch-boy haircut and that made him look more like a Dutch boy to his father.

What US president was nicknamed Dutch?

Ronald Reagan was nicknamed "Dutch".

What president's nickname was Dutch?

Ronald Reagan was nicknamed Dutch.

What nicknames does Dutch Merrick go by?

Dutch Merrick goes by Dutch.