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a 1981 100 dollar bill had a picture of Franklin D. Roosevelt on it.

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Q: What does a 1981 100 bill look like?
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Is a 100 bill series 1981 A counterfeit?


What does a 100 Chinese bill look like?

Please go to the sites below for images.

What does the hundred bill look like?

A hundred dollar bill can look different depending on the country of origination. An American $100 bill has a portrait on Benjamin Franklin on one side of the bill and Independence Hall on the other.

What does a US 100 dollar bill look like?

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What is a 1990 100 bill worth?

Any $100 bill dated 1981 or newer is only worth face value unless it's never been spent and hasn't been folded. A bill like that would be worth maybe 105 to 110 dollars.

What signature is on the 1981 US 100 dollar bill?

Series 1981 $100 bills have the signatures of Treasury Secretary Donald Regan and US Treasurer Angela Buchanan. Series 1981 A bills were issued when Buchanan was replaced by Katherine Ortega.

What does a real 1934 series a 100 dollar bill look like?

A 1934 series a $100 bill looks much like what we are used to seeing as a $100 bill before the new version was issued in 2014. It has Benjamin Franklin on the front with '100' in each corner. 'The United States of America' is written above Franklin. Also, all the minting information and serial number is on the front.

Whose signature is on a 1981 US 100 dollar bill?

paul volckerCorrectionPaul Volcker was Chairman of the Federal Reserve; that officer does not sign US currency. The two signers are the Secretary of the Treasury and the US Treasurer. A series 1981 $100 bill would carry the signatures of Donald T. Regan (Secretary of the Treasury) and Angela M. Buchanan (Treasurer).A series 1981-A bill would have Regan and Katherine Davalos Ortega

What is a 1981 20 dollar bill that has no seal or number on the left worth?

that would generally sell in the $100 to $200 range

What does a honnert frang 100 dollar bill look like and how much is it worth?

A "honnert frang" does not exist as a denomination for U.S. currency. The term "frang" may be a misspelling or mispronunciation of "franc." A 100-dollar bill is green with the portrait of Benjamin Franklin on the front. It is worth $100 in the United States.

What is a 100 ahmokpatia coin look like?


What does 100 yen look like?

it looks like a silver coin with 100 on it