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Thomas Sullivan died on 3 May 1891

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Q: When did Thomas Sullivan die?
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When did Thomas L. Sullivan die?

Thomas L. Sullivan died in 1936.

When did Thomas J. Sullivan die?

Thomas J. Sullivan died in 1908.

When did Thomas Crook Sullivan die?

Thomas Crook Sullivan died on 1908-03-11.

When did Thomas Russell Sullivan die?

Thomas Russell Sullivan died on June 28, 1916.

When was Thomas Sullivan tea bag inventor born?

Thomas Sullivan invented the tea bag in 1903 and it appeared commercially in 1904

Thomas Sullivan invented what?

Thomas Sullivan invented the TEA bAG Thomas Sullivan invented the TEA bAG

When was Thomas L. Sullivan born?

Thomas L. Sullivan was born in 1846.

When was Thomas J. Sullivan born?

Thomas J. Sullivan was born in 1845.

When was Thomas Crook Sullivan born?

Thomas Crook Sullivan was born on 1833-11-14.

When was Thomas Michael Sullivan born?

Thomas Michael Sullivan was born in Brooklyn, in New York, USA.

Who were the Sullivan brothers' parents?

Their parents were Thomas and Alleta Sullivan. See link:

When was Thomas Russell Sullivan born?

Thomas Russell Sullivan was born on November 21, 1849, in Brown County, Indiana, USA.