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Woodbine Trailer Park, Beaverbank, lower sackville, Nova Scotia Canada and a fake built trailer park right beside bisset lake Nova Scotia

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Q: Where Is The Trailer Park Boys Filmed?
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Is Trailer Park Boys Filmed In Nova Scotia?

yess its filmed in dartmoth, nova scotia which is not far from Halifax

What is the name of the trailer park where the boys?

The name of it is Sunnyvale Trailer Park

Where can one find a listing of Trailer Park Boys episodes?

Have you missed a Trailer Park Boys episode? No worries, you can now see any episode from the Canadian TV series Trailer Park Boys anytime. One way is to buy the Trailer Park Boys DVD.

What is the name of the trailer park where the trailer park boys live?

Trailer Park Boys is mainly filmed in Nova Scotia and Season 1 to 4 is filmed in a real trailer park in Lower Sackville and from season 5 to 7 was filmed in a fake trailer park made by the director and is located near Bisset Lake Nova Scotia Canada

Is the show trailer park boys real?

The TV show "Trailer Park Boys" is a work of fiction, it is not a documentary.

What is the name of the trailer park In Trailer Park Boys Countdown to Liquor Day?

Lahey's Trailer Haven

In trailer park boys countdown to liquor day what is the name of the trailer park where the boys ricky Julian and bubbles live?


Where can one find the Trailer Park Boys video for clips of Bubbles?

The Trailer Park Boys video for clips of Bubbles can be found on YouTube. It can also be found on other sites that feature the Trailer Park Boys such as their own website.

What nationality is trinity?

Trailer Park Boys.

Did south park do a trailer park boys episode?

why no, good sir, they did not

What movie and television projects has Patrick Roach been in?

Patrick Roach has: Played Patrick Lewis in "Trailer Park Boys" in 1999. Played Randy in "Trailer Park Boys" in 2001. Played Randy in "The Trailer Park Boys Christmas Special" in 2004. Played Randy in "Trailer Park Boys: The Movie" in 2006. Played Randy in "Hearts of Dartmouth: Life of a Trailer Park Girl" in 2006. Played himself in "Trailer Park Boys: The Movie - Behind the Scenes" in 2006. Played Randy in "Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys" in 2008. Played Randy in "Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day" in 2009. Played Pat Roach in "The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour" in 2011.

Did they really end trailer park boys?

yes, trailer park boys was cancelled. the cast are working on a sequel to the 2007 big screen feature trailer park boys-the movie(not to be confused with the original 1999 black & white movie of the same name). the movie sequel to the 2007 movie has the working title countdown to liquor day. it is slated for an October 2009 release. according to trailer park boys creator/screenwriter/producer mike clattenburg, after this movie, there will be no more trailer park boys, which pisses me right off !