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William Jefferson Clinton.

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Q: Which president earned the nickname slick willie?
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Which former u.s. president delivered Wednesday keynote address at the democratic national convention?

Bill slick Willie Clinton

What was Bill Clinton's nickname?

* "Bill" * "Bubba" Common nickname in the South * "The Comeback Kid" Coined by press after strong second place showing in 1992 New Hampshire primary, following polling slump due to Gennifer Flowers' revelation * "The First Black President" Used by Toni Morrison in reference to Clinton's noted support from and rapport with African Americans. * "Slick Willie" Coined by Paul Greenberg, editorial page editor of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette * "Teflon Bill[" Similar to "Teflon Ron" for Ronald Reagan: because none of the scandals afflicting his administration seemed to stick to him personally

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Grace Slick is a singer who is best known for being a member of the band Jefferson Airplane. Ms. Slick had planned to spike President Nixon's tea with LSD while attending a tea party at the White House in 1969. However, her plans fell through when she was not permitted entry by the Secret Service.

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