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Q: Who was holding the flag in the painting Washington crossing the Delaware?
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Was colonial Delaware a slave holding colony?

Yes, colonial Delaware was a slave-holding colony. Slavery was legal and practiced in Delaware from the early colonial period until the end of the Civil War. The economy of the colony relied on slave labor for industries such as agriculture and shipbuilding.

In Animal Crossing what is a holding pond?

Holding ponds are the isolated small bodies of freshwater around your Animal Crossing town. You can catch crawfish, killifish and frogs in them during certain months of the year.

Four slave holding border states?

Kentucky, Delaware, Maryland, and Missouri.

What is the angel holding in manifest destiny painting?

U.S Constitution

How did Washington respond to the rebellion?

Washington taxed the people who were holding the whiskey

What is that famous painting of a man holding his face?

Edvard Munch's The Scream

What is Jose B David's painting of an old man holding a chicken and a women holding fruit worth?

Hi - I might help if you have a picture of these paintings and also their dimensions. Send me an email with the picture of the painting

What state were border states in the civil war?

Kentucky, Maryland, Delaware, and Missouri

What are the requirements for holding the office of Washington state mayors?

== ==

Why is the US state of Delaware special?

It can be said that Delaware is special in that it was the first state to ratify the US Constitution. Additionally, Delaware was a slave holding state during the US Civil War. The number of slaves there however, numbered no more than 1,000.

Did George Washington have a horse groom who died holding his horse?


In the painting The Lord's Image by Heinrich Hofmann should the figure of Jesus be holding his left or right hand up in front of his body?

My mother owns a framed print of the original painting where the artist's signature was also printed at the bottom right of the painting. Jesus is holding up his LEFT HAND in this painting. If the painting were reversed as in many reproductions of this particular one, you will notice the artist's signature is absent because it will otherwise be in reverse as well. Hope this helps!