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There are several principles that are inherent in the structure of the US Constitution and in the organization of the US Government. The most important of all is the principle that all people are created equal and that liberty is the fundamental right of all people.

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Q: Explain how this principle is expressed in the structure of the Constitution or the organization of the US government?
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How did the Marshall Court interpret the Constitution?

The principle of judicial review.

Is it true that a basic principle of the constitution is that civilians will control the military?

The basic principle of the Constitution was to establish the Government of a new nation. One of the principles does establish civilian control of the military to prevent a military dictatorship in our country. Many counties around the world have military rule and they don't fair well for the citizens.

Whats the basic principle of US government which asserts that people are the source of any and all governmental power and the government can only exist with the consent of the governed?

The first three words of the US Constitution, We The People, ... The US Constitution is that the basis of the laws in the United States of America.

Where do you find the principle of limited government?

The idea that government was not all powerful had become an accepted part of the English system by the time the first colonies were founded in the New World. The idea first appeared in the Magna Carta, also known as the Great Charter, that King John signed in 1215. It established the principle of limited government, in which the power of the King, or government, was limited and not absolute. Limited government is also found in the US Constitution. The Constitutional Convention developed the system of federalism, which insures limited government on a national basis.

What is the meaning of Constitution?

supreme law of the landit generally means the fabric or structure of something. Examples: he has a strong constitution (meaning he has a sound physical structure that resists illness)the constitution of the US (the document that outlines the basic structures of rights and governance for that country)

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The Declaration of Independence declares that all men are created equal Explain how this principle is expressed in the structure of the Constitution or the organization of the US government?

The principle is an important theme throughout the US government. The emphasis in the society is on merit and not on need. For example, candidates for political office do not need to be any particular race or economic background, all citizens could be eligible.

How does the constitution reflect principle of limited government?

The government only has the powers given to it by the Constitution.

Which principle expressed the idea that government is bound by the rule of law?

limited government

Document embodying fundamental principle of government?


The constitution as ratified in 1788 most clearly reflects the framers commitments?

limited government

Which principle of government is expressed in the 10th amendment?

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. If the Constitution does not give the US government the power to do something it is passed on the the States or to the people. The principle would be passing the buck. So lets face it the buck did not stop with Truman. He wished it did, but it passed on to the States and the people.

What is the principle of government that is stated in the preamble to the US constitution?

The power of the government comes from the people.

What principle of government found in the Iroquois constitution influenced the farming of the us constitution?

separation of powers

What principle was Canada's constitution founded on?

Peace, Order and Good Government

Can you please say constitution in a sentence?

The constitution for the organization was very long, and stated every principle and basic rule that applied to the members.

What principle of the Constitution best supports the idea that the national government does not have absolute authority?

Limited Government

How does the Preamble to the US Constitution suggest the political principle of the social compact?

The Constitution and government are established by the people.