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the small states benefited the most.

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Q: Type of states the benefited from the new Jersey plan?
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Who did the New Jersey plan work?

The New Jersey Plan did not work because it benefited smaller states

What states would most likely have favored the New Jersey Plan?

The small colonies supported the New Jersey Plan. They favored this plan because it proposed a Congress that was unicameral (having one house) and each state would have the same number of representatives or votes.

Larger states benefited most under what plan?

The Virginia Plan

What two proposed plans for the constitution agreed on?

Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan

Plan proposed by the small states at the Constitutional Convention?

New Jersey Plan

What states represented the Virginia Plan the new jersey plan and the great compromise?

The bigger states opposed the New Jersey plan and the smaller states opposed the Virginia plan. IDK which states liked/dislike the great compromise.

What plan of government favored the smaller states?

the sdr plane was the smaller size in worl

This state's plan called for a one house legislature with equal representation from all of the states?

Type your answer here.Which plan called for two houses in the legislature, one where states would have equal representation and one where representation would be in proportion to population..

Why was the The New Jersey plan important?

The New Jersey Plan favored small states and gave them the same rights as the bigger states.


The New Jersey Plan favored small states and gave them the same rights as the bigger states.

Which plan favored the smaller states?

The New Jersey plan

In the New Jersey Plan and Virginia Plan did the New Jersey Plan want a more powerful government?

no, new jersey wanted all states to have the same power