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There were many native American tribes that lived in Kentucky. A few of the tribes were the Cherokee, Yuchi, and Shawnee.

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The Ridgetop Shawnee

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Q: What Native American tribes live in Kentucky today?
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Were all Native American tribes the same or did they have different beliefs and traditions?

All Native American tribes were not the same when the Europeans first came to America, nor are they the same today. The Native American tribes each had their own beliefs and traditions that often varied depending on the region of the country they lived in. For example, many Native American tribes who lived in the Southwestern part of what is now the United States lived in Pueblos (large buildings made out of sod), while tribes in other areas lived in tepees. Even among tribes that lived relatively close to each other there were many variations. Many tribes had their own languages, and so they could not understand the speech of other tribes, making it very hard for them to have the same traditions. Different tribes each had their own traditions, and while some of them might be quite similar with other tribe's traditions, they were certainly not all the same.

How many Native Americans are alive today?

Today there are over 2 million Native Americans with about 800,000 living on reservations and 1.2 million residing in urban areas throughout America. There are approximately 300 Federal Indian reservations and 500 federally recognized tribes in the U.S. An Indian reservation is an area of land reserved for Native American use. The term tribe has had numerous meanings over the years, and today is considered by many to refer to a distinct group within the Native American culture. (not all tribes are federally recognized) source: i think that everyone has native American in them but there is still alot of them out there what I've read something like 4.3 million still live true native American idk i got to read more about them<(^>^)>

What does David P Bradley expose in his painting Indian Country Today?

Commercialization of Native American Tradition

American culture today is more diverse or less diverse than it was when only pre Columbian Native Americans lived in North America?

I would guess that American culture is more diverse today, as at least some of the Native populations have retained their culture to this day and there are local enclaves of the culture of probably every country in the world also present in the US today.

Where did the Native Americans live in US?

They may have been very thinly spread compared to the population of the planet today, but they were all over the US and Canada. From Quebec and New England tribes, south to the Seminoles in Florida, and westward to the tribes of Washington and California. There were also many tribes such as the Arawak in the West Indies and northern South America, and the Aztecs and other surviving tribes of Mexico and Central America.

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Who was the toughest Native American tribe?

The strongest native American tribes included the Comanche tribes and the Iroquois tribes in early American history. Today, the Seminole tribes are quite strong in that they have an excellent business.

1. What is the relationship between native American tribes in the national government2. Given the Indian civil rights act of 1968, how sovereign are native American nations today3. What are some of the issues facing Native American tribes today?


How many Native American tribes are there today and where are they located?

It is estimated that there are still around 4,000 tribes scattered around the USA; however, the Federal Government only recognizes 513 of these tribes still today.

When Native American tribes celebrate new years?

today, the first new moon after the spring equnox

Are native American tribes still as prominant today as they were in 18th century?

Sure...I dont

Why does the state of Oklahoma today have a large Native American population?

During the Trail of Tears, and later, many Native American tribes were force to move to what was then called the "Indian Territories." This region was later formed into the State of Oklahoma. Since so many tribes had been relocated there, the state came to have a large Native American population.

Why did the Iroquois use symbols?

Many Native American tribes did not have a written language. There are cultures today that still don't have a written language.

What happened to the Apache Indians?

The apache tribe are still around today and are one of the most well known native american tribes.

What is the date of when the american's send the Indian's on the reservations?

The first Native Americans to be placed on reservations was approximately 1832, as of today there are still several thousand tribes that have refused to enter reservation lands - these are known as 'landless tribes.'

What is the name of a native American in Wyoming?

There were 4 original Native American Tribe in the state of Wyoming, starting with; The Arapaho tribe, Cheyenne, Crow, and Shoshone. Today the only 2 federally recognized tribes in Wyoming are the Arapaho and Shoshone Tribes. They both share a single Indian Reservation, called Wind River Reservation.

What did native Americans call earth?

"native american" isn't a language, it's a race.

What are some Native American tribes that live in Ohio today?

One tribe in ohio is the Kickapoo they live near the top of ohio