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The 26th Amendment, adopted in 1971, lowered the voting age to eighteen. Under Section 2, it is stated that Congress has the power to enforce this.

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Q: What amendment changed the voting age from twenty one to eighteen?
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Who was president when the voting age changed from twenty-one to eighteen?

Richard Nixon was president when the voting age changed from 21 to eighteen (26th Amendment, adopted 1971).

What According to the Twenty-sixth Amendment what is the legal voting age?

According to the 26th amendment, the legal voting age is eighteen.

Who was president when the voting age changed from twenty one to eighteen?

it was Nixon

What amendment is for voting rights?

The voting age should be lowered because people 12 and older are old eneough to understand and what she does to help our country so we should have the right to vote.... NO STEALS OR iWill ARREST YOU

Which amendment lowers the voting age to eighteen?

the 26th amendment

Which amendment lowered the voting age to eighteen years of age?

Amendment 26

What legislation was responsible for changing the voting age in the US?

Twenty-sixth amendment

The Twenty-sixth Amendment gives citizens who are twenty-one years old or older the right to vote?

No. The twenty-sixth amendment forbids restrictions on the right to vote for citizens 18 years or older.

What is the legal voting age according to the Twenty sixth Amendment to the US Constitution?

Eighteen is the legal age for a man to be eligible for the draft in the USA.

Which amendment established the voting age at eighteen?

27th in 1971

What was one important factor that helped the 26th amendment in 1971?

The Twenty-Sixth Amendment lowered the minimum voting age throughout the United States to eighteen years of age. Prior to this amendment, each state determined its own minimum voting age, usually anywhere from the age of 18 to 21.

What amendment changes voting age to 18?

Amendment 26