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Q: What are Effects the Cold War have on us today?
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What were the effects of the Cold War on the US?

More money spent on National Defense.

How does the Persian War effects us today?

It provides interesting reading for history lovers.

What are US and Russian relations like today?

The US and Russia do commercial trading. Which was forbidden during the cold war.

How does the stamp act affect us today?

the stamp act effects us today because it mad3e the war so their for if it would not have happened w wouldnt have had the war and todays life would not be the same

Did US and Soviet involvement in cold war escalate it?

Well, yes, we and the USSR were basically the only real country's in the war. However the cold war never really was a literal war. However the Korean War and the Vietnam War were effects of the Cold War, Also the Cuban Missile Crisis was as well.

What war was the US and Russia were on opposing sides in?

It was the Cold War,which started in 1945,and ended in 1991,but there are still tensions between the two countries today.

Why did the US lose the cold war?

It is generally accepted that the USSR lost the Cold War, not the US.

How did the US and US create the foundation for the Cold War?

what do you mean the u.s never had a cold war with itself

What was the conflict between the US and the Soviet Union?

Cold War

How do ancient governments effect us today?

it effects us on how we vote and how we lead our country today!

What are effects of the Revolutionary War today?

making a big diffrenece in ife and saving us

What was the term for the conflict between the US and Soviet Union after World War II?

The Cold War.