What faces are on the US coins?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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the presidents.

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Q: What faces are on the US coins?
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Which presidents faces are on the US coins?

Abraham Lincoln

What three women's faces are on US coins?

Susan B. Anthony, Statue of Liberty, Sacajawea

Why do coins have faces on them?

Coins have faces on them to honor that person , statesmen , or president , and they symbolize the country that they were issued by.

Who were the first two American faces to appear on US coins that were not presidents?

ben franklin Patrick Henry

When year did they put presidents faces on coins?

The Lincoln penny of 1909 was the first US coin with a president's face on it.

How are patterns made on coins?

The patterns on coinage are made by squeezing the coins metal blank between the faces of two hard presses into which the negative of the coins faces have been etched (called dies).

Who decided to put president's faces on coins?

The US Congress passed a law that ordered the US mint to issue these coins. The plan was to get people to use the one-dollar coins in place of the paper dollar bills and save millions in replacement costs. ( I do not know which Congressmen or senators pushed for the law.)

What is the value of canadinan coins with different faces then the normal coin?

The value of coins comes from how old they are, the condition, and the metal they are made from. Some older coins have different faces because the leaders of countries change over time.

What shows the faces of the American presidents?

I am guessing you are thinking of Mt. Rushmore . You could also be thinking of coins and paper money and older US stamps.

What does the us mint produce?

The US Mint produces circulating coins, commemorative coins, and bullion coins for the United States.

Which way does the Queen face on British coins?

Queen Elizabeth II faces to the right on British coins. Traditionally, kings and queens alternate the direction they face on British (and most Commonwealth) coins. King George VI (1937-1952) faces to the left. King Edward VIII (1936) broke tradition and faced left, but his coins were never issued in Britain. King George V (1911-1936) faces to the left. King Edward VII (1902-1910) faces to the right. Queen Victoria (1838-1901) faces to the left. King William IV (1830-1837) faces to the right. King George IV (1820-1830) faces to the left. King George III (1760-1820) faces to the right. King George II (1727-1760) faces to the left. King George I (1714-1727) faces to the right. Queen Anne (1702-1714) faces to the left. etc.

Who did the Ancient Greeks copy the idea of coins from?

Ancient Greek coins often had the faces of Kings/Gods/Goddesses/famous people on them.