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From an interview published in The Washington Post of U.S. Marine Corps gunnery sergeant Thomas W. Miller Jr., who fought in the battle of Iwo Jima, and in his booklet, this myth is proved to be incorrect.

The entire article can be read at

"I thought maybe I had missed something, so I started researching it," Tom said.

He found that the rumor had been bouncing around for years, spread on the internet and among amateur tour guides. He decided to do a little booklet debunking it, along with all the other myths and misconceptions that had grown about the battle, the flag-raising and the monument.

He read accounts of the flag-raising. He spoke with sculptor de Weldon about the myth. ("He threw his hands up," Tom said. "He said, 'Thirteen hands. Who needed 13 hands? Twelve were enough.' ")

"I thought it would be two or three pages," Tom said of his booklet. "The Iwo Jima Memorial & the Myth of the 13th Hand" ended up being 20. It's sold at a break-even price of $2.50 at the bookstores at Arlington National Cemetery, the National Archives and elsewhere.

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The story behind the hand is that it is Jesus's hand helping them raise the flag. It shows that we don't fight or win alone.

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Q: What is the story behind the extra hand on the Iwo Jima memorial?
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Where is Iwo Jima memorial Statue located?

the iwo jima memorial can be found in this city: Washington D. C :)The Iwo Jima Memorial is located near the Arlington cemetery.

Who photographed the marine corp memorial?

Joe Rosenthal took the photograph on Iwo Jima that was later sculpted into the memorial. Read Flags of Our Fathers for the whole story. Great book.

How was the Iwo Jima Memorial built?


How was Iwo Jima memorial built?


What was the cost of the Iwo Jima memorial?


Who funded Iwo Jima memorial?

The government

Why was the Iwo Jima memorial built?

The Iwo Jima Memorial was built to honor the soldiers who died in defense of the nation. It was unveiled on November 10, 1954.

What is another name for the US marine corp memorial?

the Iwo Jima Memorial

What is the common name given to the marine corps war memorial?

The common name for the Marine Corps Memorial is the Iwo Jima Memorial. It portrays the placing of the American flag on the Island of Iwo Jima in 1944.

The Iwo Jima memorial can be found in what city?


The iow jima memorial can be found in this city?

Arlington, Virginia

What battle of the marine corps memorial represent?

Iwo Jima .