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Q: What is the tone in the emacipation proclamation?
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Where was the emacipation proclamation signed?

confederate states

What did the Emacipation Proclamation free?

slaves in the south.

In which year did president Lincoln sign the emacipation proclamation?


Who wrote and what is emancipation proclamation?

The Emacipation Proclamation was written by Abraham Lincoln. It stated that there was to be no more slavery in the Union states.

The emacipation proclamation had the affect of?

...keeping the British out of the war. After the issue of the Proclamation, they could not aid the Confederates without looking pro-slavery.

Why did Lincoln choose September 22 1862 to make the emacipation proclamation?

Because the Union had at last scored a victory (Antietam), so he could issue the Proclamation without making it look like a desperate measure.

What was Lincoln tone for the emancipation proclamation?

His tone was stern and angry at times.

First african american to attened a White House event?

The first African American to visit the White House was Fredrick Douglas After Pres. Lincoln signed the Emacipation Proclamation.

Where was the Emacipation Proclamation issued?

The Emancipation Proclamation was issued in Washington, DC, by President Lincoln, and freed those slaves held in territory then in rebellion against the government of the United States of America. As a result, it did not free anyone until Confederate lands were conquered after the Proclamation was signed. Those slaves held in lands already under the control of Union forces were not affected by the Proclamation.

Why was it important the emacipation proclamation?

It turned the war into an offical crusade against slavery - so Britain and France had to drop their plans to aid the South, because it would have made them look pro-slavery.

What does emacipation?

pickles pickles

What did president Abraham Lincoln emacipation proclamation speech declare to the nation?

The Emancipation Proclamation abolished slavery in the states that were not under Union control. Although not many slaves were actually freed, it did give black men the freedom to joinand be accepted into the armed forces. The major message that came from the speech was that the civil war was being fought for freedom.