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As John Kennedy had sent troops to Vietnam, Lyndon Johnson sent more troops and planes and it became full scale war.

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Q: What was Lydon Johnson involvement in the Vietnam war?
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Lydon Johnson and the Vietnam war?

Of the five presidents involved, he probably took it the refusing another term.

What ultimately happened to Johnson's influence?

Lyndon Johnson greatly escalated America's involvement in the Vietnam War.

Which president of the US decided not to seek reelection because of his involvement in the Vietnam War?


The unpopularity of the Vietnam War may have been the major reason what president chose not to run for another term?

Lydon B. Johnson.

Who was responsible for the US involvement in the Vietnam War?

US Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon.

How did president Kennedy and Johnson affect the conflict in Vietnam?

Kennedy sent military "advisers' to Vietnam. Johnson escalated the US involvement into a full scale war.

What was Britains involvement in the Vietnam war?

No military involvement.

What was Johnson's involvement in the vietnam war?

Lyndon Johnson was responsible for the massive increase in American military in the Vietnam War. The Gulf of Tonkin Incident eventually brought 2 million combat troops from America.

Why did policymakers in the Johnson administration want to continue US involvement in Vietnam?

Money was the main reason the Johnson administration wanted to continue the US involvement in the Vietnam war. The administration felt that much money could be made by selling weapons.

What President used the tonkin gulf incident as an excuse to deepen u.s involvement in the Vietnam war?

Lyndon Johnson

What was the American Involvement in the Vietnam War?

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How did US involvement in the Vietnam war end?

The US involvement in the Vietnam war ended when the US withdrew troops in 1973. The Vietnam war did not actually end until 1975.

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