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Northern states opposed it, Southern States were in favor. Finally they compromised, and agreed that 5 slaves would be counted as 3 citizens.

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Q: What was the northern states viewpoint on counting slaves for the purpose of representation in Congress?
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Who was the first African American representative to congress from a northern state?

In 1928 African American voters in Chicago helped elect Oscar Depriest. He was the first African American representative to congress from a northern state.

Why did the caning of Charles sumner divide the north and south before the civil war?

A southern representative attacked a Northern senator in Congress

A key issue of disagreement between the northern and southern states at the Constitutional Convention was?

The most serious disagreement in the debate between large and small states at the Constitutional Convention was the issue of representation. Small states feared that their voices would be lost if representatives were chosen based on population, while big states didn't think it was fair that the small states would have as much influence as they had.

How did the northern states feel about counting the slaves?

The northern states were smaller states so they were out numbered by the south where the most,political power was located. The idea to count the slaves was a compromise so that other things could get done. Often people have to compromise to get something they want and this is what happened.

Why did the northern states not want to count slaves?

The northern states didn't have slavery as the southern states did, and they were smaller. They were afraid that if slaves were counted as part of the population that would give the southern states an advantage when they were represented in Congress. In 1790 35% of the population in VA was slave, so that can make a difference in the balance of power between states.

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In debates leading up to the three fifths compromise, Northern states argued that?

Slaves should not be included when counting a states population to determine representation in congress. (APEX)

What Southern states felt that representation should be based on the number of?

Northern states felt that representation in Congress should be based on the number of free people. Southern states believed that representation should be based on total population, which included slaves.

What number was the northern representation in congress based on?

In the House, it was based on Population of Citizens as established by the Constitution.

Why was the three fifths compromise need?

When writing the constitution the southern states had the slave population while the northern states didn't and the compromise was added so when counting the population for House representation that the slaves wouldn't be counted as a whole person. The smaller northern states were afraid that the larger south would have too much power in Congress.

What was the compromise that dealt with the northern states' concern of southern states using slaves as part of the counted population thus influencing their representation in congress?

One-Half Compromise was the compromise that dealt with the Northern States concern of the Southern States using slaves as part of the counted population thus influencing their representation in Congress.

What was the norths position of the counting of slaves for representation?

The Northern States did not want the slaves to have any representation because they feared the Southern States would gain more power because of the number of representatives. They wanted to have equall power with the rest of the country.

When was Northern People's Congress created?

Indian People's Congress was created in 1993.

Why was the three fifth compromise included in the constitution?

To get both the northern and southern states to agree to it. The southern states wanted slaves counted in the population for determining representation in Congress (even though slaves couldn't vote). The northern states wanted them excluded.

When was Northern Rhodesian African National Congress created?

Northern Rhodesian African National Congress was created in 1948.

What created the Civil War?

The industrial north and the less populated agrarian south fought over states's rights issues, tariffs, and lopsided northern representation in Congress. Slavery was a very minor issue at the time.

What issue was at the heart of one of the compromises made between northern and southern states during the Constitutional Convention of 1787?

There was a major disagreement between the states over representation in Congress.

Why did the southern states not want slaves counted as residents in their states?

Actually it would have been helpful to have each slave counted as a full person because that would have meant more representatives in Congress. It was the northern colonies that didn't want the slaves counted as whole person. The south all ready had the largest States and to add the slave population in would have made them very powerful. By 1860 there would be 6 million slaves in the south so counting them as 3/4ths of a person wasn't great, but better than counting them as a whole person.